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The game will get an official full reveal by Activision and the developer Infinity Ward on 21st of Could, 2013 at about 10AM in the morning. Sources have mentioned that it'll be carried out for the duration of the properly-awaited Microsoft subsequent-gen Xbox reveal. You will be excited to know that the publisher has also confirmed Ghosts for PlayStation 4, The Sony PlayStation three, Windows Laptop and the Xbox 360.

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As far as graphics go, this game is exceptional in visual demonstration, as you will get to actually experience a excellent array of settings and environments to play in. For instance you can participate in urban air or ground combat in SE Asia, or you can go more than to the snowy regions of the Soviet territory and fight in the snow or in the exotic jungles. You will get to genuinely encounter the haggard circumstances of wartime battle in hazardous areas and rugged regions.

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